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Your garment’s spa!

The clothes with which we dress are more than that, each one of them is part of our life.

They are memories, family heirlooms, beautiful moments, successes, aspirations, a world of sensations and feelings.

Elite Press values and treats them as a great treasure, we carefully review every detail and make washing an act of magic full of love, to preserve them and so that you can relive those wonderful moments and sensations that are part of our life story.


There will always be times when day-to-day life leads us to not be able to foresee occasions or events in which we need our clothes ready.

At Elite Press we are prepared and we can help you in those moments. Every day from Monday to Saturday, we offer the RUSH service, in 4 hours we treat your garments so that it is ready for that special occasion.

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Magic Stitches

Stain Treatment

Delicacy and care is essential to check each garment, determine the stains and treat them with the correct product. Thus the result is always a new piece.

Warm and Restorative Caresses

Dry Clean Massage

Depending on the nature of the fabric and following our experience and the manufacturer’s instructions, we proceed with the washing, soft and delicate, in which each shirt, blouse or pants will once again offer the wonderful experience of making you feel glamorous, unique and unrepeatable.

Magic Stitches

Magic Stitches

We cannot always buy the clothes that fit us perfectly and need repairs, others come with flaws, we also have clothes that with the passage of time no longer look the same to us and we want to widen or narrow them.