Our history

Learning again

It is very hard to imagine that after having your life made with your family, job, and profession, all of the sudden you have to start all over, yes, totally from scratch.

Move to a new country, with a different language and idiosyncrasy, you find yourself alone with your small family, but with no friends or extended family members.

Get a new job, you have to learn from zero, you have no experience in that area but you have all the courage, illusion, emotion, and fear that leads you to face everything and overcome all obstacles.

Elite team

Although later, remembering our loved ones, you realize that perhaps this had to be our path: Juan’s father worked in a dry cleaner’s when he arrived in Venezuela (what a coincidence!) and my mother was a seamstress. Here are 2 essential ingredients for the DRY CLEANERS equation: Dry cleaning and alterations, the perfect mix.

We arrived just like that, with suitcases full of illusions, uncertainty, desire to work and give our children a successful future.

We found a country that opened its doors for us, a business that has given us great satisfaction and we got to met the people who have the most value in Elite Press, our team.

Our team

A team without which we would never have been able to learn and adapt to this new environment. People who today give everything to make sure each garment is clean, well ironed, and full of love.

We have learned that, more than just washing and ironing clothes, we are the ones who do magic so that the garments have a relaxing day and can continue telling stories. Yes, they tell stories, because each piece of clothing transports us to a moment in our lives, to recall an aroma, a sensation or a feeling. Each garment is part of our life, our history and that of our family.


About Elite Presss Dry Cleaners

Elite Press is that safe, warm, trustworthy place, where you leave part of your life in each visit and where when you enter, you will feel at home, with family, where a smile and a pleasant and relaxed voice will give you the cordial greeting and will call you by your name. Where we will soon know your tastes in the service and after a while, we will talk about our families and we will give each other support and affection.

Our greatest wish is that the Elite Press team is always happy, and that each client feels that it is their home, that our greatest desire is to see you smile, to see how you achieve your goals, to accompany you in the good and not so good moments, to support you when you have an emergency, in short, being by your side at all times.

That’s us. Those of us who learned again to live giving happiness to others, since otherwise, it could have been something traumatic, but it has turned out to be, and will continue to be, the best experience of our lives.

There is always a new opportunity to learn and to make a business more than that, a life experience for everyone, where sensations and feelings are the priority, and where memorable moments mark our lives.