Collection of services and treatments that we carry out from Elite Press Dry Cleaners

Our methodology

Each garment is made with fabrics, threads and details that make them unique and therefore they must be given the correct treatment and care.

It all starts with defining the nature of the fabric, whether it is 100% natural fiber, synthetic or a mixture of both.

Once defined, we review the manufacturer’s label in order to corroborate the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer and give the garment the appropriate treatment.

We check each of the pieces carefully to determine if there are any stains that need to be treated before washing.

If any is found, its origin is studied to apply the product that can remove the stain, since not all fabrics and stains react in the same way to products. So we offer a gentle massage that will relax the fiber and will look and feel like new.

The garment is also checked in order to be sure if there is any damage or unstitching that must be repaired before the washing process.

This is how each one of the pieces of such value for our clients is inspected and the adventure inside Elite Press begins: The Spa for your clothes.

Our services

Elite treatments

Stain Treatment

Delicacy and care is essential to check each garment, determine the stains and treat them with the correct product. Thus the result is always a new piece.

Restful Sleep

Restful Sleep

Sleeping is a pleasure and it is the moment in which our body recharges batteries for the next day. The most relaxing thing is to be comfortable and warm with a clean, fluffy and mite-free Comforter. We recommend cleaning them once a month so that you have sweet dreams and days full of energy and success.

Water Massage

Depending on the nature of the fabric and following our experience and the manufacturer’s instructions, we proceed with the washing, soft and delicate, in which each shirt, blouse or pants will once again offer the wonderful experience of making you feel glamorous, unique and unrepeatable.

Elite services
Warm and Restorative Caresses

Warm and Restorative Caresses

The routine and the amount of activities that we must do daily do not allow us to have our perfect clothes to see ourselves and feel unique every day. You can wash clothes at home, if that is your preference, as it can be an activity that you combine with others and it does not take up much time, but ironing does require extra time and patience.

For this reason, we help you give your clothes that touch, that caress to eliminate wrinkles.

Dry Clean Massage

The fibers that we cannot treat with water because they can shrink, wrinkle, or damage, those that have grease stains and those whose washing instructions indicate so, we process them in the Dry Clean machine.

The garments regain their looseness, color and shine making them look like new. Relaxed and ready to offer you the same feeling of the first day.

Romance Spa

After the most important day in a girl’s life, in which you look like a fairytale princess, we always recommend preserving that moment by washing the Wedding Dress as soon as possible. Thus, you avoid damage to that garment made with delicate fabrics and lace, this dress that will always remind you of a beautiful and unrepeatable moment.

Magic Stitches

Magic Stitches

We cannot always buy the clothes that fit us perfectly and need repairs, others come with flaws, we also have clothes that with the passage of time no longer look the same to us and we want to widen or narrow them. Many possibilities within the world of sewing and repairs. All those delicate and comforting stitches, full of magic and color, are found in Elite Press. There is always a solution: a new zipper, a patch, a reinforcement, beautiful buttons, a well-made hem.




We go to a hotel to have life experiences: unforgettable vacations or a job that makes us grow and feel like we are eating the world.

It is our duty to make the customer feel that way.


We want to feel that we belong to that place. Our team must feel this way, without that feeling of belonging we cannot offer our clients the emotion and experience that we promise.


One of the things that identifies you is when you proudly wear a uniform, those garments that are your second skin, with which you feel the difference. That is why at Elite Press we are proud to change people’s lives.


Every process and every detail comes from the Heart and from the passion to give meaning to look impeccable. So, day by day, we leave our skin so that guests and team members experience the feeling of being there and making those around them happy.